“My mission is to teach Financial Advisers how to create meaningful financial plans in less than 10 minutes.”

Andy Hart – TheVoyantist & Maven Adviser

What is Voyant Mastery?

Voyant is one of the most advanced financial planning software packages available anywhere in the world. Voyant Mastery is a web-based learning and development programme for Financial Advisers keen to learn Voyant software in the fastest time possible.


Why Voyant Mastery?

Whatever your current level of expertise in using Voyant software Voyant Mastery is a development programme that will be of interest to you. Andy Hart, The Voyantist, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on Voyant software, says:

”Voyant is the tool of our trade. For the last five years I have used it with all my clients and seen my recurring revenue triple. Make a commitment to use Voyant now. If you do, I am confident your financial planning skills will become awesome.”

Mastering Voyant Financial Planning Software

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The 165+ training videos that currently make up the Voyant Mastery programme have all been created by Andy Hart, The Voyantist.

He has organised the Voyant Mastery videos according to their level of difficulty to help you to learn swiftly.

If you are familiar with martial arts you will understand the way Voyant Mastery is organised. Beginners start at the white belt. They work their way through the videos labelled as white videos and then move onto the yellow belt. You work through a number of belts and finally reach black belt status (BBV). You can monitor your progress by keeping check of which belt you are “wearing” or which level of Voyant Mastery you have reached. Finding the right videos to view is easy. They are all clearly indexed.

How Do I Get Started?

Voyant Mastery costs £99 per month (or £799 per year (a 30% saving annual option available ) for each person who signs up for the programme. You can sign up for one month and gain access to the training videos immediately. The video library is growing all the time and new videos are added each month.

Throughout your membership of the Voyant Mastery programme you can view as many videos as you would like, whenever you like.

You do not need to make a long-term commitment to Voyant Mastery. You can leave at any time, too, it is as simple as that.

Are you ready use Voyant financial planning software to help your clients and develop your business?

About Andy Hart

I am Andy Hart, also known as The Voyantist, and I am passionate about Voyant financial forecasting software.I’m a Financial Adviser just like you! I use Voyant with my own clients to create scenarios and options that simplify the financial planning process and help them to plan more effectively for the future.

More importantly, I have been training Financial Advisers to use Voyant software since 2011. I am a Voyant Certified Trainer. I have trained hundreds of Financial Advisers and showed them how to get the best from Voyant software. Today I deliver Voyant workshops, group training sessions and one-to-one tutorials throughout the UK and Ireland to help Financial Advisers use Voyant software more productively.

I have spent thousands of hours getting to understand Voyant thoroughly. I know how to use Voyant and I know how to help other Financial Advisers use Voyant, too.

Voyant Mastery, My Way To Help You Succeed

I am going to share one of my dreams with you. I want to make an impact on how financial advice is delivered. I want to help Financial Advisers to use Voyant software to achieve more success for themselves and for their clients.

By creating the Voyant Mastery programme I am making my expertise available to all Financial Advisers for a fraction of the cost they would pay to attend one of my Voyant workshops or work with me on a one-to-one basis. When Financial Advisers enrol on the Voyant Mastery programme they pay only £99 per month in order to gain access to all of my training videos and countless tips on how to use Voyant software better.

I am doing this because I know a growing number of Financial Advisers want to use Voyant software with their clients but are struggling to use it well. I know, too, that there are numerous Financial Advisers just starting out in their careers who would also like to use Voyant software to enhance their offer and help them succeed faster.

Become A Voyant Master

Over the years I have become the “go to” person for Financial Advisers who want to learn how to use Voyant software. In fact, I am known as The Voyantist because people recognise just how much I know about this package.

Therefore, if you are ready to learn how to use Voyant software – one of the most advanced financial forecasting systems available anywhere in the world – to support your clients, join me on the Voyant Mastery programme.

You can sign up for the programme today.
I look forward to helping you become a Voyant Master.
Andy Hart BBV
The Voyantist

Is this a one-off payment or do I pay monthly?

Membership of Voyant Mastery is a monthly payment. You’ll have access to all of the video guides and also new content that’s added. If you choose the annual membership, this is a one-off payment for a full years access. This can be renewed annually.

Is my membership a long-term commitment?

Nope, you can cancel your monthly subscription any time. It is easy to do this right from your profile, no questions asked.

Are my credit/debit card details secure?

Absolutely. Our payments and subscriptions system is built by Stripe. We never see your credit card details. We apply an SSL security certificate to the payment page.

Do I have access to Andy Hart – The Voyantist?

Absolutely, members of Voyant Mastery have accessed to Andy Hart for high level support and guidance.

What exactly am I getting?

I have spent thousands of hours in the software, so you don’t have to. I have been using the software for over 8 years. I want to share with you all that I have learnt. I have split the material into the standard Belts that you are all familiar with. You will learn the system from the very basics (White Belt) to the highest grade (Black Belt). As a practising adviser I can share with you my journey and process in using Voyant daily with my clients and now hundreds of advisers.

What’s expected of you?

To watch all of the videos and also to put into practice what you’ve learnt. The videos are packed full of tips/ideas and strategy, please use the ‘pause’ feature if this helps you in absorbing the content. Tell other Voyantist’s you know about this awesome resource.

Who do we contact if we have any questions?

andy@thevoyantist.com also check out thevoyantist.com for further Voyant goodies.

*What does the per firm license cover?

I appreciate each firm will have different numbers of advisers and support staff who wish to access the content. The standard subscription covers a firm with up to 10 members of staff. If your firm is larger than this please contact me directly and we can discuss your subscription in more detail.


Jacksons Wealth Management & Meaningful Money

There is no greater resource than Voyant Mastery for learning how to use the best financial planning tool in the world. Voyant is so powerful, so capable and because of this it can seem daunting at first glance. I highly recommend Voyant Mastery for any financial planner looking to get to know THE tool of our trade.

Pete Matthew

Phillips Financial Planning

The No. 1 UK cashflow tool showcased by the No.1 UK cashflow Guru. If you’re looking to develop top-notch financial forecasting skills don’t waste your valuable time looking anywhere else. It doesn’t get any better than Voyant Mastery.

Gary Phillips

Wealth Alliance (Ireland)

Working with Andy and Voyant Mastery has enabled us to be proficient with the software in a relatively short time. Andy’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for financial planning is both obvious and contagious.

Jane McAleese

Voyant UK

Andy is an enthusiastic and committed financial planning professional. I am pleased to recommend him both as a financial planner and in his role as an accredited trainer for Voyant Adviser.

Bob Freeman

Trusted Advisor

We hired Andy for a full day’s training using Voyant. His knowledge is second to none and he has enabled us to feel more confident when using Voyant. Without Andy’s help and support, we could have never created the quality of reports that we now produce. I highly recommend Andy for training.

David Vaughan

Voyant Ireland

Andy’s knowledge of Voyant is second to none. He provides excellent insights into the software with the overlay of on the ground advisory experience. A lot of people talk about financial forecasting, Andy’s doing it.

Stephen Browne

Otus Financial Planning

Andy is a highly advanced user of Voyant and passes his knowledge and skills on effectively and with real enthusiasm to other practitioners. He demonstrates clear financial planning skills during his practical, hands on, training sessions.”

Chris Weetman

Values to Vision FP

In the often staid world of personal finance Andy brings a vitality and positivity to his work. Passionate about helping clients identify what’s really important (it’s not just about the money) and then working with them to create a financial plan that underpins these goals is what Andy does – and does very well.

Nick Lincoln

DJH Wealth Management

Andy is a true expert on Voyant. What he also possesses is an ability to train advisers on the software and provide the confidence to use it. High recommended.

Richard Johnston

Common Sense Financial Planning

“I have now been working with Andy over the past 6 months on various Voyant and financial planning issues and can honestly say that the future of our profession (once it truly becomes one) is in safe hands with guy’s like Andy coming through the ranks. For those advisers out there who need any kind of help with Voyant issues or strategies, Andy is your man. The ROI on his services is exponential, not only by being able to better use such a powerful tool with your clients, but by avoiding mistakes that could end up in complaints.”

Stuart Evans

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

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